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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I have always loved pistols with a very low bore Axis eg .. Glock, M&P, etc...
'The important differences are in its ergonomics and trigger, as the bore axis is the lowest I’ve ever seen on a locked breech pistol...' as reported by Iain Harrison from Shot Show 2012.

The innovative Caracal produces the pistol in many variants. There is the Caracal F (full size), Caracal C (compact) which has the ingenious Caracal Quick Acquisition Sight Systemand the the Caracal SC (sub compact).

The Caracal F is a modern semi-automatic pistol in 9mmx19. It supports an 18 round magazine and boast unique features such as a short ~8mm trigger pull, extremely low profile slide and bore axis, the combined effect of which is greatly reduced "felt" recoil'.

The Caracal C is the compact version of the full size Caracal F. It supports a 15 round magazine within its compact dimensions as well as a tactical rail. It inherits the same low-impulse characteristics of the Caracal F.

The Caracal SC is the 9mm Sub-Compact model of the pistol family aimed at users who require very concealed carry or high capacity back-up.

It retains all the 21st Century technical specifications of the Compact and Full Size models but in an ultra compact, 13 round, package.

images and info courtesy of CARACAL

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