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Friday, 24 February 2012

AIRSOFT - General Knowledge about HI CAPA pistols

Tokyo Marui Hi capa 5.1

Hi Capa Pistol. A very popular model of airsoft pistol with skirmishers and target shooters alike. Unfortuntely most UK airsofters do not know much about the pistol except for ...'OOO PWETTTYYY!'
You'll also hear things like ' thats a nice gun, so which army uses them...' or 'thats a nice 1911!' and once in a while you find the occasional geardo, airsoft re-enactor in a full SAS load out, accurate to the teeth but spotting a hi capa in the holster.

Well lets start off with.... the airsoft Hi-capa was 1st made by the infamous Tokyo Marui company and now copied and cloned by countless other companies.

STI 2011 Eagle

There is no such thing as a REAL Hi-capa. This 'Hi Capa' term was coined by Tokyo Marui which means Hi Capacity (hi capa) as it is doubled stacked and can take over 30 bbs. It is however BASED on a real pistol which is the 2011 range of STI firearms pistols... and yes it is not a 1911, it is in fact a 2011. STI firearms noted that the 1911 platform although popular had its limitations and flaws and thus created the 2011 which kept the best of the 1911 but improved a few other things and most importantly improved magazine capacity from the standard 1911 7+1 magazine to a double stacked 26+1 magazine.

There are no known police forces or military units currently issued with the STI 2011 pistols so for geardos and airsoft re-enactors, this is a big no no in terms of gear accuracy unless your load out is that of a competitive shooter. The 2011 range of pistols are predominantly 'race pistols' which are extremely popular within the competitive shooting community because of its modular design and 'straight from Factory' high quality.

So where does this leave us shooters and weekend warriors in the UK?
Well... if you are considering buying an airsoft Hi capa.. then.. YES buy one. But for goodness sake buy a Tokyo Marui version as it is the best one in my opinion or at least a KJ works CO2 one. The plastic slide of the TM version adds to the cycle speed making it a speed demon and the Tokyo Marui high quality internals mean you don't really have to upgrade anything as like the REAL 2011 it is fantastic straight out of the box. The KJW versions are CO2 powered and are a real hoot to shoot as its blowback or recoil force is second to none and really will test your grip and fundamentals. EX Real steel shooters will like the CO2 KJW pistols. For Both brands the magazine and gas capacity is fantastic, the ergonomics is based on the tried, tested and loved real steel 2011 so you can't go wrong and it is simply quite PWETTY. For some customised beauties, do check out the brands Airsoft Surgeon and SAPH. For variants do check out Tokyo Marui or KJ Works.
Airsoft Surgeon Pistols. Picture courtesy of Redwolf Airsoft.

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