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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

EQUIPMENT - Kyle Defoor says no to SERPA holsters!

'Kyle Defoor is one of the world's most committed and passionate shooting instructors. Literally growing up with a gun in hand he took his talents into the military where he was combat decorated as a Navy SEAL and sniper. Kyle helped to create and define modern training while along the way personally teaching thousands of military personal and civilians from around the globe. His shooting prowess led to appearances on multiple TV shows including Shooting Gallery, Tactical Arms, and Tactical Impact. Kyle's outdoor athletic lifestyle includes shooting, ultra running, stand-up paddle surfing and climbing. He now serves as the brand ambassador for Mission Ready Equipment and runs his own company which offers tactical training, wilderness navigation, TV and film consulting, and motivational speaking.'
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Kyle Defoor has voiced his disapproval of the Black Hawk Serpa Holsters.

'Whoever chose this piece of shit to be issued to anyone- you're an inexperienced pistol shooter who has no common sense. Hope you got a decent kickback from Blackhawk.'

Full comment see

Very interesting and valid view on SERPA holsters. I do own a few Serpas but hardly use them because of not being able to get along with the trigger push button.. will do the mod on them as he has suggested and maybe I will get along better with them being a simple retention holster.. no point them sitting on my shelve collecting dust!

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