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Saturday, 26 November 2011

REVIEW - Panteao Production's Make ready with Travis Haley - Adaptive Carbine

Make ready with Travis Haley – Adaptive carbine is Travis Haley’s first DVD since splitting from Magpul Dynamics.

DVD contents:
-Firearms safety rules
-Brief history of Travis Haley
-Proper Carbine Setup
-Administrative reload
-Zeroing your Carbine
-Zeroing at Distance
-Intro to Adaptive shooting
-Height over bore
-Balancing Speed and Precision
-Tactical Reload
-Speed Reload
-Introduction to Malfunctions
-Adaptive positions
-Dynamic Prone
-Intro to Movement
-Off Line of attack
-Creating Thinkers before Shooters
-One percent (conclusion)
-Make Ready Mini Poster (enlarged version of the DVD Cover)

Total runtime: 02:12:15

When I got sent this DVD from ‘The Range’ my initial reaction was ‘... is this going to be similar to the range of ‘Dynamic’ series of DVDs from Magpul?’ I really like and enjoyed watching all the Magpul Dynamics DVDs and it made me really want to do one of their courses but these Panteao Production Training videos are great because they are simply just that... a straight forward no flash educational training DVD. After and actually while watching the DVD, I needed to get my carbine and actually get hands on while watching.  This DVD feels like and well ...actually is a one on one tutorial with Travis Haley. I wanted to get stuck in and try what he was doing before I forgot but then I remembered that this was a DVD and I can replay this as many times as possible until I fully understand and get it. Luxury.

Travis gives instructions in a very clear and precise manner which is very easily understood and remembered and his demonstrations are mind blowingly cool to watch and an inspiration.

The title of the DVD ‘Adaptive carbine’ really explains the gist of the DVD. Travis reiterates over and over again the mental aspects to being a shooter and the word ‘Adaptive’ is crucial. To sum it up (my interpretation and I hope I got it right), A shooter can have excellent training but if he allows the training to entirely dictate his reaction and actions then the outcome will not be good, however if the shooter is ‘adaptive’ and uses his excellent training as tools to be used at the right time and place yet being flexible, then excellence is the only result.

I have watched many training DVDs in the past, good ones and really bad ones and I would rate this as one of the best and a must have in your DVD library. It is a valuable training aid and I have definitely learnt alot from this DVD. Now gotta go SHOOT! 

(DVD can be bought at and was provided for review by The Range)
images copyrght of Panteao Productions

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  1. Very good review,you sound like you have been doing this for years! I just recently got into air soft and I;m going to see if my local Airsoft Shop has this dvd.


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