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Friday, 13 January 2012

LIVE FIRE - NEW products from CAA tactical

Firstly the M4S1.
Polymer modular AR fore ends have been very popular with brands like Magpul and Tapco doing their own versions and now CAA tactical have released their version. Just like the other brands the M4S1 is a direct rail cover replacement for a carbine length M4 or AR and offers greater heat dissipation, better ergonomics and rail modulability for mounting lights, lasers and grips specific to the operators preference.

Secondly, the XF16 quad picatinny rails system.
In the age where more and more tech, lights, etc are being released and used by shooters and operators, rail space or rail estate is becoming more and more valuble. This ingenious XF16 allows you to add rail space as and when you need it with easy installation and no gunsmithing. This extra rail also allows for forward type grips (Modern Isosceles Stance) for recoil management.

Pictures courtesy of CAA tactical

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