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Monday, 31 October 2011

1st POST!!!!!

Hi Everyone!
I guess it is only appropriate to introduce ourselves in our very first post. Well there is 3 of us involved in this. You can call us 'The Shooter', 'The Shootee' and lastly 'Shot', our in house crazy.
As you can see, this blog is all about shooting and we are a bunch of shooting fanatics who reside in the UK. Between us we have extensive knowledge of Live Firearms, airguns and airsoft... if it fires a projectile then we are interested. Oh yeah ... we are often interested in things that go BOOM as well.

Mission statement: We will rant and rave about shooting techniques, tactics, news, equipment reviews, weapon reviews, interviews of whos who in this crazy shooting world. We are based in the UK but it is the world wide web so expect stuff from all over.

That about covers it.... Let the Mayhem begin!!!

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